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The following benefits and features are included in your membership at no extra charge!

We currently operate 2 bed and breakfast web sites. The sites are and (our flag ship site). The benefits of each site are explained below.

Benefits of is a popular web site as it provides printer friendly information. Additionally, allows travellers to quickly and easily review more than 1 bed and breakfast at a time.

While provides in-depth information, provides a quick overview of each bed and breakfast. For those travellers that want more information, there is a link from your listing on to your listing on

Both and work in perfect harmony with each other. This harmonious relationship helps to increase your sales.

Benefits of

The following are the benefits of being a member of

Comprehensive Description:

A comprehensive description helps increase your sales!

When you join, you are not limited to a 200 word description nor do we charge you extra for an in-depth description. In fact, we require a description that is 500 to 2000 words.


The number 1 requested item by all travellers is pictures.

Therefore, we make it mandatory that all bed and breakfasts featured on provide at least 3 pictures. Innkeepers may show up to 10 large pictures or 20 medium size pictures. This is excellent value for your money!

Many web sites will charge you more money based on how many pictures you want to show, but at we know it's important to show picutres and that's why even our Silver Package includes the option of showing up to 20 pictures.

Pictures will substantially increase your ability to get lots of sales. Need we say more?

If you don't have pictures, then we will scan pictures for you free of charge.

Free Updates:

You can update your information as often as needed at no extra cost to you.

We strongly encourage members to update their information as often as needed.

Full Contact Information:

All listings on contains full contact information. This will allow travellers to easily contact you always.

Printer Friendly Page:

Each listing on includes a printer friendly link. This allows travellers to easily print the information about your bed and breakfast. Our printer friendly page is amazingly popular amongst travellers.


Each listing features 3 email links! In addition, the email link is highlighted so travellers don't miss the link. Whether a person is at the top, middle or the bottom of your listing, an email link will always be close to their mouse pointer!

If a traveller chooses to view images of your bed and breakfast, then there will also be an email link on each of the picture pages.

After the guest sends you an email, they will receive a confirmation email. Of course, you also receive an email too! Our emails are extremely professional to help further your appearance in the eyes of the guest.

Advanced Email Protection:

We take your privacy and security seriously.

As such, we use advanced methods of protecting your email address from spambots. Spambots are computers programs which tirelessly surf the Internet looking for email addresses. Once an email address is found, the email address is harvested and the person starts receiving junk email (spam).

Free Link:

We realize that listings on our site can't always provide all the information on your bed and breakfast. Therefore, we provide a courtesy link to your personal web page free of charge.

We do have guidelines regarding the pages we link to. For more information, please read our link guidelines.

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Bed and Breakfast 

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